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A home inspection is the visual survey of a home’s structure and systems, both inside and out. An inspector’s job includes the evaluation of all accessible parts of a home, educating homeowners, and reporting visible damage or potential issues. Your inspector can also recommend remedial measures when necessary. Structural features include foundations, attics, crawl spaces, […]

Mold 101

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT MOLD IN YOUR HOME When it comes to mold, the best defense is a thorough and proactive offense. Mold testing can help identify problem areas and diagnose potential issues in your home before they become a health or structural hazard. Once mold gets into your home, it cannot be completely removed […]


Discovering that there is radon present in a home doesn’t have to be a deal breaker in the home buying process but it’s definitely worth being knowledgeable about and prepared for. WHAT IS RADON Radon is a naturally occurring gas when uranium found in rock and soil decays. As the uranium deteriorates, the radioactive gas […]