Common Home Inspection myths debunked!

Home inspections are crucial when buying or selling a home, but they can also come with misconceptions. Let’s debunk some common myths:

  • Inspectors Uncover Every Issue: While thorough, inspectors might miss hidden problems or need specialized tests.
  • Passing Inspection ≠ Perfect Home: It meets standards then, but wear and tear continue, and new issues might arise.
  • Inspectors Predict Future Problems: They assess current condition, not future issues, though they may spot potential concerns.
  • New Homes Need Inspection Too: Construction errors or defects can exist, so even new homes require inspection.
  • Inspectors Don’t Decide: They provide data; buyers use it to decide, but inspectors don’t make purchasing calls.
  • Looks Can Deceive: Even well-maintained homes can have hidden problems, making inspections crucial.
  • Inspectors Don’t Repair: They identify issues but don’t arrange or perform repairs; that’s up to the homeowner.
  • Sellers Benefit from Inspection: Pre-listing inspections help sellers address issues early, avoiding surprises later.
  • Not for Valuation: Inspections assess condition, not value; that’s the job of appraisers.
  • DIY Isn’t Enough: Professional inspections offer expertise and tools; DIY checks can miss crucial details.

Understanding these myths can help both buyers and sellers approach home inspections with realistic expectations and make informed decisions.

About the Author

Chris Caisse is a Certified Master Inspector® / Owner of Platinum Home Inspections, located in New Hampshire, USA.