As a NH Certified Master Home Inspector, I’ll let you in on a secret: Carpenter ants are the “DIY enthusiasts” of the insect world! They’re never content, and they always want bigger and better. They tunnel out new homes and pathways, so they are always on the go. Here are three pieces of evidence that indicate a home in New Hampshire has carpenter ants…


Look for sawdust-like material known as frass. Carpenter ants create galleries and tunnels in wood, and they expel frass through small openings near their nests. Finding piles of this material around wooden structures or near entry points can be a clear sign of carpenter ant activity.


Sometimes, you can hear rustling or tapping sounds coming from within the walls or wooden structures. This noise can be an indicator of carpenter ants as they excavate tunnels and nests within the wood.


Carpenter ants hollow out wood to create their nests, causing significant structural damage over time. Inspect wooden elements of the home, such as beams, window frames, or door frames, for signs of damage like tunnels or galleries carved into the wood.

Ultimately, carpenter ants do not consume wood like termites, but instead excavate it to create nesting sites. This behavior weakens the structural integrity of the wood, potentially leading to costly repairs if left untreated. If the infestation remains undetected and unaddressed, it can cause serious damage to the home’s wooden components, compromising its stability and safety. Early detection and professional pest control are essential to prevent further destruction.

Chris Caisse is a Certified Master Inspector / Owner of Platinum Home Inspections in New Hampshire, USA. You can follow on social media @platinumhomeinspectionsnh