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Jessica Read Avatar
Jessica Read
11/21/2022 - Google

Chris was great to work with and we would highly recommend him. He was knowledgeable and thorough throughout the inspection and took time to discuss any findings. We received our report in less than 24 hours which was detailed, color coded, and extremely easy to understand. Everyone was impressed with his professionalism and quality of work.

American Bench Craft Avatar
American Bench Craft
11/14/2022 - Google

I can't say enough good things about this company. I used them for my home in Newmarket, NH. Chris was a straightforward professional, that covered every last detail and explained all his findings in a clear and concise manner.

Deborah Gagnon Avatar
Deborah Gagnon
11/05/2022 - Google

Chris was very professional and has excellent communication skills. He went over every corner of the home and is very knowledgeable.

Kathryn Matthewman Avatar
Kathryn Matthewman
11/03/2022 - Google

Chris was great to work with! We have used him for two home inspections, he is very thorough and professional. We will definitely be using him again.

Jay Malette Avatar
Jay Malette
10/31/2022 - Google

Chris came highly recommended by our realtor when it came time for our home inspection. We were very impressed with our experience! Chris was on time, professional and personable. He took time explaining his process to us and encouraged us to ask questions during the inspection. I had many questions, and he was able to answer them clearly in ways an average guy like me, who has never... read more

KD Avatar
10/21/2022 - Google

Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness , Value Our experience was excellent. On site explanation of all questions was very good. We received very detailed report within 24 hours. Setting up an appointment was easy and communication was fast by email and phone. Highly recommend

steve cerretani Avatar
steve cerretani
10/02/2022 - Google

As a former mass builder with 30 years of mass licensed building experience, I cannot emphasize the importance of a home inspection. Even experienced eyes can overlook issues that could become major expenses down the road. Human nature is that when you’re so enamored and excited of what you were about to purchase, sometimes your judgment is clouded by that fact. A detailed home inspection will always put your... read more

Michael Chalfin Avatar
Michael Chalfin
9/23/2022 - Google

Best in the business! Highly professional and thorough.

Cory Ahern Avatar
Cory Ahern
9/06/2022 - Google

Chris was excellent! He was open to questions and answered them with context! He gave us a rundown of what to expect in the inspection and what his role would be as well as how we would interact during the inspection, I let him do his thing and he stopped every section and gave me his end caps! This allowed be to bounce ideas and questions off him in which... read more

Laura Foss Avatar
Laura Foss
9/03/2022 - Google

Chris was fantastic! He was so thorough and detailed, and took the time to unscrew panels and poke around in ceilings and such. He talked to us about what he was doing/seeing throughout, and then provided a super detailed, super helpful report the next morning. Color-coded to make it easy even for us, lol. I felt so great about this big purchase after he'd checked everything out, and would highly... read more

Daniel Grayson Avatar
Daniel Grayson
7/26/2022 - Google

Very detailed and knowledgeable. Arrived onetime and did a great job. AMAZING REPORT! 57 pages long..

Morgan Kaileah Avatar
Morgan Kaileah
7/09/2022 - Google

Chris was personable, detailed, organized, to the point and answered all my questions professionally. I was 110% impressed and would highly recommend platinum home inspections!

Audrey Mulliner Avatar
Audrey Mulliner
7/07/2022 - Google

I can only echo what everyone else has said about Chris. He is excellent at his job! This excellence isn’t just being nice, arriving on time, etc. His excellence also includes thorough evaluation, honesty, professional recommendations, and - my personal favorite - the willingness to laugh at some of the strange things that can be found at a house.For example, we recently moved into a house that was obviously impacted... read more

Ken Leidal Avatar
Ken Leidal
6/26/2022 - Google

Chris was super helpful during the inspection process as my fiance and I bought our first house. He did a thorough job inspecting the house and helping us understand each item in the report. We would definitely use Platinum Home Inspections again and recommend them to our friends and family.

Sidney Veilleux Avatar
Sidney Veilleux
6/09/2022 - Google

Chris from Platinum Home Inspections came by this week to inspect our new home. Throughout the process, he took the time to pause and explain his findings, making sure we understood everything about the house and his recommendations for how we might proceed with resolving various issues discovered. He was courteous and professional, and a full, detailed report with high-quality photos and verbose explanations arrived via email early the following... read more

Bradly Aubut Avatar
Bradly Aubut
5/25/2022 - Google

Chris was really awesome and professional. He helped us inspect a multi family and was a huge help in making the decision to buy or not. Really seemed to know his stuff! Would highly recommended to anyone

Benjamin Hannon Avatar
Benjamin Hannon
5/12/2022 - Google

Chris was very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable throughout the whole process of quoting the job, walking through the home, and final report. I highly recommend Platinum Home Inspections for your home and especially for first time home buyers hoping to be involved in the inspection walkthrough. Plus, he's got some cool gadgets too.

Ron Tuttle Avatar
Ron Tuttle
5/10/2022 - Google

Chris was great to work with. He was very thorough and eager to share what he found with me. I felt extremely confident in his ability to provide me with peace of mind regarding the property I am purchasing. Would highly recommend Chris to anyone who needs any type of home evaluation, either before or after sale.

Clay Lenne Avatar
Clay Lenne
5/10/2022 - Google

If I could give Chris more than 5 stars I would. His service was exceptional. Although that word is overused, it applies here. He was prompt and courteous. But more importantly he did an exceptional inspection. A drone to inspect every square foot of the roof, & went up in a few areas where he needed to see it closer. He went through the rest of the house slowly and... read more

Amanda Granville Avatar
Amanda Granville
5/02/2022 - Google

Chris is incredibly thorough and my go to home inspector!

Travis Dempsey Avatar
Travis Dempsey
5/02/2022 - Google

By far the best home inspector I've had the pleasure of dealing with!Very detail oriented, professional and really cares about making sure you know your home inside and out! Making you 100% comfortable with one of the biggest purchases that you will have in your life : )

Caren Dempsey Avatar
Caren Dempsey
5/02/2022 - Google

Chris is a true professional. One of the best in the industry. Chris is always learning and increasing his knowledge base and credentials to provide value to his clients. His customer service is second to none with same day inspections and next day reports. His reports are web based, easy to navigate, and very descriptive with HD video and photos. His reports also also provide care and maintenance tips... read more

Meghan Sheehan Avatar
Meghan Sheehan
3/29/2022 - Google

Chris was very knowledgeable and made us feel extremely comfortable as first time home owners. He was thorough and left no stone unturned. He walked us through all important aspects of the home as well as their function. We feel confident in our purchase after our assessment with Chris. I highly recommend him to anyone look for a quality home inspection. Thank you again!

Jarrett Temple Avatar
Jarrett Temple
3/15/2022 - Google

If you need a home inspection, I highly recommend Platinum. Chris Caisse (proprietor) is knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough, and gives it to you straight. In addition to being a highly qualified professional, he's also a good human being. After spending a few hours with him I felt like I'd known him for years. 5 stars all day.

Amanda Whitney Avatar
Amanda Whitney
2/28/2022 - Google

We used Platinum Home Inspection for our first home purchase. Chris was so thorough and really made the process so easy. His inspection report was so easy to read and really informative.

James Moore Avatar
James Moore
2/28/2022 - Google

Chris was great during the home inspection. He explained everything he saw and provided a comprehensive report from major issues, concerning items, and minor issues. Prioritizing the "faults" he saw help new homeowners to understand the severity of the issue and where to focus to improvement the value of the home and correct major deficiencies.

Abby Lalone Avatar
Abby Lalone
1/31/2022 - Google

Chris was incredibly thorough, knowledgable, and friendly. As first time homebuyers, he put us at ease and made the process much better than expected!

Nick Strada Avatar
Nick Strada
12/25/2021 - Google

My wife and I are first time home buyers and we were anxious going into the process. We knew a lot of home buyers were waiving inspections due to the competitive housing market, but we wanted to make sure we were buying a property in good condition.Our inspector Chris was able to put our minds at ease and helped us feel confident in the home we purchased. He was very... read more

Rich Bleak Avatar
Rich Bleak
12/25/2021 - Google

Chris with Platinum Home Inspections was amazing to work with.-Extremely Responsive-He responded to my initial voicemail within an hour. We had an inspection scheduled within about 15 minutes and I had all the paperwork and details in my inbox about an hour after that. He was able to accommodate my schedule and had a really great report to me early on the day after the inspection.-Demonstrates Confidence and Competence at... read more

Thanush SE Avatar
Thanush SE
11/06/2021 - Google

Chris is very knowledgeable and perfect in explaining stuffs.A person you can trust.